Helen's House
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Our Mission

To create a supportive family atmosphere, to give young adults an opportunity to obtain an education and to learn life skills that will carry them into a bright future and eliminate the need for government assistance!

 Who are we?

Helen’s House is a charity headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri. Helen’s House provides a unique supportive living environment for young ladies who have aged out of state guardianship while they attend college.


These young ladies have resided in the Missouri Children's Home, the foster care system, or orphanages throughout the Saint Louis area.  We provide a stable and warm environment while they earn a degree and complete the transition into the real world. Statistics show that the more education a young girl receives, the less likely she is to become pregnant at an early age, turn to drugs or crime, or to be the victim of violent crime herself.

What happens at Helen's House?

Helen’s House is a totally drug-free, alcohol-free and smoke-free environment. Residents of Helen’s House attend college to obtain a post-secondary degree. In addition to their education, they are taught life skills such as cooking, budgeting, and checkbook balancing, self-defense, first-aid, CPR and internet safety.  A female staff member acts as house-mother. Weekly chores and home maintenance responsibilities are assigned to each resident.

Giving Back

Helen’s House is dedicated to giving back to the community. To this end, each young lady is required to participate in a community service program of her choice.


We accept all donations and are seeking corporate sponsors who share our vision of a brighter future for these underprivileged young ladies. Your donation will help us care for and encourage disadvantaged young women who otherwise have nowhere to go but the street. Our world and their lives will be better for your help. Please see our donations page.

How do I become a Resident?

  • Have reached your 16th Birthday. 
  •  Fill out an application, you can obtain one from our administrative office. 
  • Write an essay explaining your educational goals. 
  • List the educational program you would like to pursue. 
  •  Provide two letters of recommendation from teachers, social workers, or anyone who can attest to your commitment to a bright future.
  • All applicants must pass a mandatory drug test.

Please contact our Administrative Office for further details at info@helens-house.org or call Us at (636) 352-3768.

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