Helen's House
             Helen Lowerre
      Our Charity is in her name


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           Room to Spare - Food to Share - Love to Give!

Helen's House is named after my Mother.  She opened her home to so many children when I was growing up.  Her house was the one the kids came to when they had no place to go, had been kicked out of their family home and needed a safe harbor.  That was my mother's house. 

Helen raised 5 children of her own alone, but she always had room to spare, food to share and love to give.  She suffered from a heart condition and had 4 open heart surgeries, 4 massive strokes and countless heart attacks, but that did not stop her from helping as many kids as she could.  She lived a hard life and died way too young. 

This charity is her legacy.

Make a donation and become one of Our Guardian Angels!

   Helen's House
     Administrative Office
     7630 Mayberry Drive
     St Louis, MO 63123
     (636) 352-3768
       email us at:  info@helens-house.org

Board Members
Eileen 'Bel' Lowerre - Executive Director & Founder
Sandra Call, M.A. - Vice President & Financial Aide Director
Dr. Robert Blattner, PhD. - Director of Counseling
Andrea Divers M.A., B.S. - Secretary & Treasurer
Eric Olsen, B.A. - Director
Robert 'Rib' Bolton, B.S. - Director



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